and healthcare innovation

The word health in modern society refers to what we live with today. The road to a healthier future always points to ensuring success. Innovation from old technology to new technology is the modernization of healthcare, the policy to keep more people healthy and provide innovative health services.

Evolution of the model

We support the provision of more diverse services through technologies such as gigantic financial services, large-scale information technology, AI, and cloud computing. Looking at the progress of medical technology, we now have electronic health records using AI and diagnostic technology using machine learning.

Furthermore, in the highly specialized healthcare industry, we also use ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to perform in-depth analysis. This allows more efficient diagnosis of medical conditions. It is also possible to utilize interactive software and processes to facilitate the diagnosis of medical conditions and create a more comfortable medical environment.

Chip technology innovation

In recent years, an innovative technology in chip technology called “PhylloWell” has been developed. This technology uses a small implant to detect changes in the internal environment during medical procedures, making it possible to provide real-time data to hospitals.

PhylloWell is a chip that constantly measures urea and dehydration levels in the blood, and is one of the key performance indicators for understanding blood status throughout the body. These technologies can help reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases and help detect them before they occur.

Development of smart diagnostic technology

In recent years, smart diagnostic technology has also been modernized. Pre-detection of disease is possible using smart miniature nanotechnology that facilitates uptake of lesions on the surface of the body.

Smart diagnostic technology can also detect intracerebral aneurysms using sound monitoring, and highly active liver tumors using X-ray CT scanners. Leveraging smart diagnostic technology will enable early detection and improved diagnosis of critical illnesses.

modernize healthcare

As mentioned above, the technologies that will modernize future healthcare are rapidly evolving due to several behavioral innovations. You too can leverage these technologies to provide safer, higher quality health care services. Harnessing new technologies to innovate healthcare and to support physicians and improve diagnosis and treatment is also critical