Coexistence: Robots and Humans

Today, with rapid technological progress, machines are becoming more and more prevalent, creating a situation of coexistence. A new technological form called “IoT”, which brings together the Internet of Things, is bringing about a society in which humans and robots coexist.

IoT is a revolutionary technology that utilizes technologies such as automation, AI, and service robots to share actions, provide comprehensive solutions, and promote interaction between the two through the intervention of robots. Especially in daily life, robots can help by utilizing IoT. However, the decision to accept robots depends on their compatibility with real-life situations.

The only requirement regarding the use of robots is that they must be kept safe. Therefore, the design must be implemented in such a way that technology and safety work in balance. If the difference in thinking between robots and humans is facilitated, it can end up being of great help. The competition between robots and human rationality is expected to improve service levels by utilizing the ability to develop unique imagination, creativity, and thinking.

As investment in robots continues to increase, people expect industrial robots to provide more sophisticated and versatile services. To challenge this expectation, let’s start working to ensure mutual coexistence so that we can live a comfortable lifestyle.

It is also important that robots must understand the human ethics necessary to support interpersonal relationships in some scenarios and implement appropriate relationship coexistence. For example, privacy and security require due consideration to resolve issues. We need a negative bias that allows everyone to use robots within ethical boundaries.

I believe that we should work to build a society in which IoT technology is systematized and robots and humans can understand each other. In order to provide effective services, robots need to coexist with humans, and it is an important effort to maximize the benefits of both.