Giga confirmation method of mobile phone service “Ymobile”

In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in mobile phone services that use the latest technology and the Internet. Among the mobile phone companies, “Y!mobile” is widely used in Japan. If you subscribe to Y! mobile, it’s important to check your network speed regularly. In order to enjoy a stable service, we will introduce the correct way to check Giga.

How to check Ymobile Giga

1. Tap the mobile logo “Y!”
2. Tap “Check network” in the upper right corner of the smartphone or tablet screen .
3. Devices connected to the current network will be displayed.
4. Tap “Confirm Giga” at the bottom left of the screen.

Giga confirmation confirmation result

When you check Giga Y!mobile, you can see download speed details, upload speed, and packet loss. Look at each one and take steps to increase the value if possible.
To get the most out of Y!mobile, regular gig checks are essential. By correctly understanding how to check Giga, you can make effective use of Y!mobile.