When a new chapter was announced… In 2021, one thing was missing – Kim Cattrall and her iconic character, Samantha Jones. Immediately, she was absent. Most notable are her bold and lethal feminine style, witty lyrics, open mindedness, and hard-headed attitude. As the show went on, fans were clamoring for Jones to appear… and two years later, they finally got what they were hoping for.

On August 24, Cattrall made her long-awaited appearance on the season 2 finale of Love It or Hate It or Hate it in a snapshot that finally reunited fans with long-lost Samantha. Of course, she showed up in style, sitting in the backseat of the car, and calling Carrie Bradshaw to tell her she wouldn’t be able to come to her dinner party.

Samantha wore an oversized silver blazer, a chunky silver bracelet, a bright green Fendi purse, and a red dress. She’s paired the cutest makeup looks and a much brighter blonde shade than the last time we saw her.

Luckily for you, if you’ve seen her slightly smoky eyes, flawless skin, and rosy lips and wanted to know how she prepared for one of the biggest TV moments of the year, we’ve got you covered with the subtle skincare and makeup she wore.

Before starting any makeup, I used $450 for sculpting, then I used $75 and $115. I finished off the skincare for about $50 before getting into the magic world.

Warner Bros./HBO Max

Cattrall’s makeup artist prepped her complexion with $40 before using the Skin Tone ($58) in shades No. 2 and No. 3 to complete her complexion.

To add some color and depth, Panchenko bronzed Cattrall’s face and sculpted it with Biscuits ($48) before adding some glow with a $40 Palette ($40).

For the eyes, use Panchenko ($67) in shade 01 to get this effortlessly smoky look. She added Cocoa Mat ($30) to the Cattrall water line for added drama, before applying ($27) in Valerie style, and finishing with a $32 layer. Panchenko finished her eyes with $24 in Soft Brown to make those brows pop.

Lips only took two products: the Lipstick ($27) in Blush Lightly, and the matching shade ($26) in Blush Lightly, which leaves a glossy pink finish.

And so… she was ready to appear on screen, even if only for a short moment.