ICOCA Mobile Bus Pass Periodic Renewal

There is a service called ICOCA Mobile Bus that works with OSAKA CARD to use large-scale trains and buses. Mobile ICOCA features can be activated, regularly updated and managed online. Mobile ICOCA’s periodic renewal feature allows you to renew your ICOCA card regularly online.

Learn more about ICOCA Mobile Bus Periodic Updates

With the ICOCA Mobile bus periodic update function, you can:

  • Register the bus ticket that can be used on the ICOCA card and update it regularly.
  • Check the contents of used tickets and re-procure inventory.
  • Confirm the usage start date and usage period, and confirm the expiration date of the contract.
  • You can also check and charge fees.

In addition, many of Mobile ICOCA’s services are provided free of charge. In order to perform regular renewal, it is necessary to log in to the ICOCA card online and select a plan. After that, just follow the procedures to complete the regular update.

Advantages of ICOCA Mobile Bus Periodic Renewal

ICOCA Mobile bus periodic update makes it possible to easily perform the necessary processing online when using large-scale trains and buses. In addition, inventory management is easy, and it will be a useful service for your life. Also, by using mobile ICOCA, you will be able to check information such as usage charges on websites on the Internet.

How to start ICOCA Mobile bus regular renewal

Before starting the ICOCA Mobile bus periodical renewal, it is necessary to thoroughly check the terms of use. First, you need to get an ICOCA card, so you can get it online at a convenience store or post office. Next, log in to the ICOCA official website online. You can start renewing your ICOCA Mobile Bus regularly with just a few steps.