What is Mobile Suica Green Ticket?

Mobile Suica Green Ticket is a service that can be purchased using a smartphone to facilitate the purchase of railway tickets provided by JR East. To purchase a Mobile Suica Green Ticket, you first enter information about your destination in East Japan using the Suica card or Suica wallet. Then, information on the required time and price for one-way to the destination point is displayed, and the Suica usage fee for the fixed usage fee to the destination is paid. After that, it is possible to purchase a ticket (green ticket) to get on the train with the set Suica, which is a service that makes it quite easy.


• You can ride trains with Suica, so payment is easy and cheap.
• There are multiple benefits for Suica users, so it may be a good opportunity to use a green ticket at a low price.
• With Mobile Suica Green Ticket, you can easily go to the station using your smartphone.
• Since it can be used at any time if there is a smartphone installation environment, you can use it without incurring Suica usage fees even if you have already boarded.


• A mobile Suica green ticket requires a smartphone, but it may not be possible to use it due to a dead battery, etc.
• The usage fee is cheap, but there are few benefits, so be careful

Mobile Suica green tickets should be used effectively

Mobile Suica Green Ticket is a cheap and convenient service, but you need to be careful when using it. If you have a smartphone environment, you can save money by using Mobile Suica Green Ticket, but if you do not use it, you may be charged a cancellation fee, so act carefully before making travel plans. will do.