Can you get an iPhone for 1 dollar? Rakuten Mobile’s “1 yen iPhone” campaign starts

Rakuten, a major online shopping company in Japan, has launched an “iPhone 1 Yen” campaign. During the period, if you apply for a trade-in to Rakuten Mobile’s platinum member or upgrade from MNP, you can get a new iPhone for 1 yen. This campaign will be applied from July 27, 2020 (Monday) if you apply from the Rakuten Mobile website under the following conditions.

  • New, model change, and MNP applications can be purchased from 3,900 yen minus 1 yen.
  • The period is limited from July 27, 2020 (Monday) to August 31, 2020 (Monday).
  • Limited to Rakuten Mobile Platinum members.
  • If the application is successful, you will be able to purchase an iPhone at the “trial price – 1 yen” together with the platinum member.

Even if you are not a Rakuten Mobile platinum member, you can become a platinum member by using Rakuten services such as Promoge. You can also enjoy various benefits by shopping at Rakuten’s online market. This time, Rakuten Mobile is offering a “1 yen iPhone” under the name “Platinum members only (plan change possible)”, but users do not need to continue their platinum membership. If you become a platinum member, you can continue to receive a 1 yen discount when you change plans, and you can get an iPhone etc. at a lower price than the regular price. Rakuten Mobile will continue to do its utmost to encourage customers to purchase iPhones through various campaigns and events. How about using this “1 Yen iPhone” campaign to get an iPhone at a low price?