Relationship with machine learning

Machine learning is a method of using computers to automate certain tasks. By using machine learning algorithms, tasks such as pattern recognition, sensory information acquisition, and cooperative control can be efficiently processed. Machine learning has the ability to process and utilize large amounts of constantly changing data.

One of the key players in machine learning is Deep Learning. Deep learning is a technology that receives input from the outside with a neural network and extracts the optimal format. Machine learning helps transform and process inputs through neural networks powered by deep learning algorithms.

Artificial intelligence (AI), through machine learning, has innovated the mental capacity to perform complex tasks such as regression analysis. AI controls the depth of transformation by passing machine learning algorithms that can efficiently perform complex tasks.

Potential use of machine learning

Machine learning is a promising technology with many applications in the following industries:

・Emerging industries: Big data analysis, robotics, etc. Industrial resource management for Build, smart cities, etc.

・Finance: Analysis of transactions, credit checks, digital marketing, credit default prediction, etc.

・Manufacturing: process automation, quality control, etc.

・Healthcare: Pathological diagnosis, patient monitoring, etc.

Machine learning is an important area from future digital technologies and will be an important future effort.